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Motorcycles for County Extension Officers
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Motorcycles for County Extension Officers

In a significant move aimed at boosting agricultural outreach and support in the participating counties, the Kenya Livestock Commercialization Project (KeLCoP) has procured motorcycles for each of the ten counties involved. Under this initiative, each county has been allocated a fleet of four motorcycles to facilitate the work of extension officers within the four participating wards per county. This strategic investment in transportation infrastructure is poised to revolutionize the project's reach and effectiveness in promoting sustainable livestock and agricultural practices across Kenya.

The provision of motorcycles to the ten participating counties marks a pivotal moment in KeLCoP's mission to bolster the agricultural sector. These motorcycles serve as essential tools for extension officers, enabling them to traverse the often challenging terrains of rural areas efficiently. With a motorcycle allocated to each participating ward, KeLCoP aims to enhance the delivery of critical agricultural information, training, and support to farmers at the grassroots level. This initiative aligns with the project's overarching goal of improving livestock production, fostering economic growth, and ultimately enhancing food security within these counties.

Beyond the practicality of transportation, the distribution of motorcycles signifies KeLCoP's commitment to empowering local extension officers. These officers play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between research-based practices and the farming communities they serve. By equipping them with reliable means of transportation, KeLCoP not only increases their efficiency but also underscores the value placed on their work. The motorcycles symbolize the project's recognition of the critical role that extension services play in transforming agriculture and livestock management in Kenya, ultimately leading to improved livelihoods for rural communities.

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