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KeLCoP empowers 200 Youth through Scholarships
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KeLCoP empowers 200 Youth through Scholarships

In a significant stride towards fostering sustainable agricultural development and empowering youth in Kenya, the Kenya Livestock Commercialization Project (KeLCoP) has initiated a transformative scholarship program. Under this program, youth from the participating counties have been granted scholarships to undergo specialized training in animal health and production, as well as range management. This groundbreaking initiative is designed not only to equip the youth with essential skills but also to empower them to contribute effectively to their respective communities by supporting the value chains championed by KeLCoP.

The scholarship program signifies KeLCoP's commitment to investing in the future of agriculture and livestock management in Kenya. By providing opportunities for youth to access quality education and training at the Animal Health and Industry Training Institute (AHITI), the project aims to create a knowledgeable and skilled workforce. These future professionals will play a pivotal role in improving the overall health and productivity of livestock, which is crucial to the success of the value chains KeLCoP supports.

The admission of the first batch of trainees at AHITI marks the beginning of a transformative journey for these young scholars and their communities. Upon graduation, these youth will be well-equipped to apply their acquired knowledge and skills to enhance animal health, livestock production, and sustainable range management. This initiative not only empowers individual youth but also strengthens the capacity of the participating counties to harness the potential of their livestock sector, ultimately leading to improved livelihoods and food security within these communities. KeLCoP's commitment to investing in the education and training of youth underscores the project's dedication to creating a sustainable and prosperous future for Kenya's agriculture and livestock industries.

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